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About Me

I Understand.

Growing up in the field of agriculture I offer clients the familiarity and deep understanding of where they are coming from in their journey. Producer to producer we’ll discover what needs to be worked on, develop a plan and move forward.

My Vision:

To provide a safe and supportive space for clients to dream big, grow as individuals and cultivate their new beginning.

My Mission:

Inspiring human potential through Connection, Optimism and the Wisdom of the Horse.

My Story

I am a born and raised farm girl with routes in agriculture that run generations deep. I have experienced the day to day life on the farm since my birth. The excitement of newborn life, harvesting bumper crops, family field meals and all the beauty that living on the prairies offers. With the joys I have also experienced the sorrows…the loss of livestock, devastating droughts, crippling snow storms and financial losses that seem so huge that you fear this could be the last go round.

While living this idealic farm life, I knew that it would forever be an integral part of my life however I had a knowing that there was more to me than the farm. I connected to people, felt emotions deeply and was drawn to helping others. My original career path was to take me into the fields of counselling or teaching yet in the end I came back to agriculture. I pushed away that knowing going through my early years of being a new wife and mother. I became involved in many activities that would fulfill my need to provide support & mentor. I volunteered as a 4-H leader and we welcomed foster children into our home. This was a big A-Ha moment in my life. It sparked that knowing in me again as I witnessed beautiful moments of healing between my horses & the young girl who had become a part of our lives. I knew in these moments that it was time for me to begin the work on becoming who I was supposed to be, my Why.

Agriculture…Working tirelessly to care for the livestock that depend on them, taking financial risks every single day and staying strong is what farmers do. Right? Well, yes, however many farmers (both men & women) suffer in silence with worry, anxiety and depression. I have experienced this firsthand. My husband has been struggling with his mental health for many years. I could see the passion he had for his livestock dissipating, his nights sleepless, worrying about where the money was going to come from, would we have enough feed, would it rain, would it rain too much and the list went on. Irritable, short tempered and body sore he continued to complete the farm tasks however the excitement he once had for his job was buried deep in worry. I could see him slowly slipping away. We talked often about how he was feeling. How we could make things easier so to take the pressure off, with no changes made. I suggested he make a doctor’s appointment or find a therapist or coach to speak with. For almost 2 years it was a suggestion answered with, I don’t have time, there isn’t the money or what are they actually going to do for me? Sound familiar?

I don’t remember how or when or where he came to the decision to call his doctor but he did and now with the aid of medication he is feeling better. He now sleeps at night (better than me!), his optimism is returning and most often his days are smoother and stress is handled instead of it being overwhelming. There are awesome days, hard days and days where he really wants to throw in the towel. Taking a break or asking for help is not something that he or most farmers/ranchers do well, still he knows that these are 2 key components to staying healthy and strong. It will be a lifelong journey for him, for us.

My Husband is part of my why.

Because of him and my love for Agriculture it’s my goal to serve this community in a way that supports other farmers, ranchers and their families who find themselves in a similar position. To know that it’s ok to ask for help and for someone to care for them, to listen.

My vision is for these stewards to return home to the land, the livestock and the families that love them stronger, braver and healthier than ever before.

I invite you to the farm to join the Herd & I to begin cultivating your new beginning.



About the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™

EGCM® Definition: The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse ­human healing movement. The experiential nature of the method involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. The integrative approach of the equine’s interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness guidance and Gestalt methodology, assists the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future. ©Melisa Pearce

Preparing for your EGC Session

Your EGCMethod session with the horse will be outdoors or in an enclosed arena. Be sure to dress appropriately to be outdoors and in the weather. Although you may choose not to go into the pen with the horse, almost everyone does — please wear close toed shoes. You will not ride the horse. No horse experience is necessary.

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Meet the Herd …



Big, Bold & Brave. This is Chance. The herd’s protector and guide. His willingness to step up in the herd and for the humans who enter the arena leaves me in awe. He knows when the softer supportive side of him is needed with a client. He is a true heeler who stands steadfast for those who need him.


Snuff is a kind and gentle soul. His deep brown eyes seem to understand you and they pull you in to help ease your worries and pain. His curious nature brings a sense of fun to sessions which brings clients a sense of light.


Osk joined the herd in May 2020. She is the matriarch of the herd at the healthy age of 30. Retired from riding due to age she was generously donated to my program. Her previous owner knew she had so much more to give and I can say that Osk has definitely proven that she has an innate ability to connect with clients. She may be small however she is a devoted partner who possesses a strong independent soul and a heart of gold.


Shirley is the extrovert in the herd. He loves people and is known as the resident photobomber!  He trusts like no other, has a curious nature about him and steps up to challenge his humans when needed. Shirley possesses a wisdom that connects him to his clients, encouraging them as they work in the arena.

“Blessed are those who hear the whipsers from a horses heart.” ~ Melisa Pearce